The mission of our non-profit is to educate parents about the real and possible dangers of exposing children to the chemicals being added to our food. Along with the risks already shown in past studies, there is a growing belief that chemical exposure may be linked to Autism and Spectrum Disorders. A recent study from the University of Davis showed children born from mothers located within a close proximity of industrial (pesticide) farming showed a two thirds increased risk of having a child with autism. The rate of autism in the world is now at 1 in 38. There is a growing concern it might be linked to the increase in industrial farming in that country. Argentina has seen an increase in lifetime defects, learning delays and other problems since the adoption of industrial agriculture in their soybean fields. More research needs to be done, but eating organic may reduce serious health risks to your child.

What You Eat Matters!

  • For a pregnant woman, an organic diet is important because toxins can cross the placental barrier and reach the baby. Studies have shown that a fetus exposed to certain chemicals during key windows of development, could result in birth defects, learning disabilities, cancer, lower IQ and more.